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> Interesting article:-
> https://iism.org/article/why-are-ceos-failing-software-engineers-56
> Any comments?

The article is right about the failure of financial and
operations management
to manage innovation, but I find it overblown and pompous.   There have been
many corporate efforts that were highly successful at innovation:  Bell Labs
(UNIX, transistors), Xerox Palo Alto (graphical user interface), Dupont
These examples also contain many failures to capture the value of
and books have been written on the reasons for these failures.

The article neglects another important management role: managing
labor, public, and government perceptions, regulators, etc.

Innovators often face resistance from operations, who are focused on
improvements to existing practices, finance who are worried by
uncertainties, and
even competition from other innovators who promote their own innovations
raising concerns with other innovations.

Recently there have been a number of examples of industry leaders getting
trouble following management reorganization that removed founders who were
conversant with the technology and replaced them with financial specialists
made bad technical choices (think Boeing).   The article mentions a number
recent "move fast and break things" founders, all people with deep
of the technologies.

George N. White III
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