[nSLUG] Editable PDFs: what Linux software?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Sat Jun 27 02:03:06 ADT 2020

Windoes users can fetch forms (such as gov't tax forms) in PDF format,
edit them to the extent of filling in the requested data and save or
email them.

xpdf(1) can't do that.

Is there well know software for Linux that supports doing that with
PDF files intended to handled in that way?  "apropos pdf" doesn't

Lacking that, what software might work for this purpose?  Is there a
parsimonious utility for this or do I have to go to some giant office
suite or publishing package?  Googling around makes it ook like
LibreOffice is the only good solution.

It appears that it's now taken for granted by many institutions that
of course everybody has Windoes software to do this.  Grumble.

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