[nSLUG] UARB Website Not for Linux?

David Murdoch davidjmurdoch at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 09:41:16 ADT 2020

On my Linux system using Chrome I went to view some documents at the Nova
Scotia Utility and Review Board website, specifically for Matter Number

I went to the Public Documents database
https://uarb.novascotia.ca/fmi/webd/UARB15 and entered M09777 which then
lists a bunch of items with links.

But the item links do not function on my Linux system using Chrome but they
do in Chrome on my wife's Windows 10 box.

UARB will send me any documents I want but I'd like to help myself from my
Linux system.

What is happening here? Why does this government site have links that are
not universally accessible? Is it a Windows thing?

Thanks for your attention.

David Murdoch

David Murdoch
   East River, Nova Scotia Phone: (902) 277-0766
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