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Znoteer znoteer at mailbox.org
Wed Jul 1 13:51:39 ADT 2020

On Wed, Jul 01, 2020 at 10:27:02AM -0300, Joel Maxwell wrote:
> #nslug still lives on OFTC, though not a lot of use these years.
> Though as part of some CLI communication/groupware tools I have been
> slowly working through, I will likely have some persistent presence in
> the near future (even if I am away from desk most of the time)./

/me, a lurker from Montreal, just joined the channel.  I'm thrilled that
LUGs like this still exist.  I've seen several dwindle and die as I moved
around the country.  I'm now a follower of whatever LUGs in Canada I can
find as they are so rare.  As a perpetual bridesmaid (newbie), never a bride
(sysadmin), I find groups like yours a constant inspiration and source of

Thanks for pointing out the irc channel.

znoteer at mailbox.org

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