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I agree that the club needs a social media presence to reach more/new

For myself, I noticed that I don't enjoy talking about computer stuff so
much anymore and feel less inclined to attend computer club meetings.


Oliver Doepner

On Sun, Feb 23, 2020 at 8:59 AM Frank Geitzler <
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> Subject: The suggested future meetings of both the Halifax Computer Club
> (HCC) and the Nova Scotia Linux User's Group (NSLUG).
> The February meeting of HCC will take place Wednesday, February 26th,
> 2020, at 7:00 p.m.  Guests are welcome, and you can get the meeting details
> at the website, which has been updated to show the February and March
> meeting dates, and the current location.  The website is:
>         http://hcc.chebucto.org/meetings.html
> <http://hcc.chebucto.org/meetings.html>
> The January meeting of HCC had only six attendees.  The weather wasn't
> great, but it was not as bad as we have had lately.   Of those six, I think
> four of us are retired.  Of those six, four of us use Linux, two use only
> Windows, and at least two of us don't have 'smart' phones (my 'flip' phone
> isn't very smart, even though it does have an Android c.p,u.). One of us
> runs a large business on DOS, although he uses Linux as well.
> I summarized what I could recall of the meeting, and sent that summary out
> to the six attendees.  Several gave me feedback, and reminded me of some
> points which I had either forgotten or overlooked.
> The topic of discussion of the January meeting was whether HCC (and
> computer clubs in general) still serves a purpose, and whether there is any
> future for them.   It was generally agreed that computers have become
> considered in the eyes of most people to be an appliance, which we just
> plug in and use.  Most cell phones have more capabilities and capacity
> today than did a large room full of hardware when I first began working
> with computers. Instead of updating operating systems, it is easier (and
> cheaper, in most cases) to  simply buy a new phone every few years, and
> move the chip from the old phone to the new one, or have the vendor copy
> the data from one phone to the other, if necessary.  Few people need a
> printer, and if they do, a wireless printer is readily available -even at
> Wal-Mart.
> Another problem is the scheduling of meetings, and the availability of an
> appropriate venue.  A coffee shop is adequate if a few people want to sit
> around and discuss things, and suitable wi-fi is available, but does not
> lend itself to a larger group, who need to see and hear demonstrations and
> have technical discussions.
> For a number of years HCC has been able to have meetings at little expense
> in one or another of Sobeys Grocery Store Community Rooms, although
> occasionally our preferred meeting date has been pre-empted by Sobeys own
> needs for a training room.  Our major expenses, covered by our annual $20.
> membership fee, are the cost of the website and the purchase and upkeep of
> our club display projector.  Since the purchase of the projector we have
> not required a new bulb, but all light bulbs 'die', and research suggests
> that it would cost several hundred dollars to purchase a new lighting unit
> -I gather that the bulb and its mounting unit have to be replaced together.
> More significant problems are:
>    - We need some suitable publicity in order to attract new members,
>    probably using some form of social media.  It needs to be updated several
>    times a month.  Jack suggests that if we can't find someone willing to take
>    this on, he foresees the club limping along for a little while before
>    folding.
>    - Meetings must be made interesting enough to draw old and new members.
>    - We should not confine ourselves to desktop or laptop computing, but
>    include any and all computing machinery, eg tablets and smartphones.  A
>    possible source of meeting topics is to select an activity that might be
>    performed by computer, smartphone, or tablet, etc, and discuss various
>    applications for performing that
>    activity, eg backups, photo manipulation, or what have you.
>    - If meetings are held "early", say starting at some time between 5:00
>    pm and 6:30 pm, there will be some people unable to attend because of
>    interference with evening meals. Similarly, if meetings start too late in
>    the evening, people who live some distance away would find an early start
>    more convenient, so they would not have to go home and then return to town
>    for a meeting. It was generally agreed that 7:00 pm was the best
>    compromise. No matter what time is chosen, there will be some people who
>    will not come because it does not suit their schedules.
>    - We need to find a meeting date which would be acceptable to more
>    members.  It was generally agreed that meeting during the first or last
>    week of the month was too likely to give rise to conflicts with other
>    activities.  Personal preferences, family needs, physical abilities,
>    illness, and travel plans can all play a part in this.  Some have suggested
>    that the first Monday of a month (NSLUG's normal scheduled date) is
>    inconvenient for some individuals; others find that HCC's preferred last
>    Wednesday night of a month (or in fact any Wednesday) is inconvenient for
>    some.  Changing to another night might be more acceptable.  *We
>    welcome your suggestions.*
>    - We might need to find a different venue which would be in a more
>    convenient location.  It would be helpful if our venue could have
>    trustworthy storage available, to reduce or eliminate the need to carry the
>    projector to each meeting, and store it between meetings.  This would also
>    probably extend the life of the projector.  A ground-floor location could
>    also be more accessible and convenient.
>    *We invite your opinions, and suggestions.  Your attendance at our
>    February meeting, where we could discuss this matter would be helpful, but
>    we realize not everyone can be there. Nevertheless, your reply to this
>    message, with your own opinions and suggestions, could provide us with
>    useful ideas.*
>    Thanks for your support,
>         Frank Geitzler
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