[nSLUG] Blasphemy! Dual-booting Linux with BSD

Oliver Doepner oliver.doepner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 11:20:53 ADT 2019

Hi Joel,

My light-hearted first response would be, that my favorite "Kill 'em all"
BSD distribution is found here:

A slightly more serious response would be: Will the tinkering ever end? Are
you a masochist? There is life beyond computers. But that borders on insult
and I am a Linux geek, too, of course.

So I guess a more socially acceptable response would be: How can any BSD
ever be better than Debian (maybe with the BSD kernel, or maybe not, or with
Hurd kernel, whatever, as long as it's Debian) ???

Or should I just have followed the old proverb: "If you don't have anything
nice to say just don't"? 

... All in good jest, my friend ...


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