[nSLUG] Proposed Debian presentation & demo @ HCC Meeting

Oliver Doepner oliver.doepner at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 11:10:23 ADT 2019

Hi Frank and everyone,

Everyone, please respond to this email with a short indication of
interest, if the following topic seems like a good idea to you. I will
only do this if more than 5 people express interest. :D

I would gladly offer the topic: "Debian GNU/Linux - The Universal
Operation System".

I have given a similar presentation before. I would update the agenda a little.

The old, but mostly still relevant slide deck is here:

I volunteer giving an updated presentation, including several
command-line demo parts that could show some of the basics, like how
to enable sudo, package management using apt, the "alternatives"
system, and maybe (if time permits) how to build a custom deb package
after making a minor source code change.

As a miscellaneous note: The graphical desktop environment used will
be XFCE. Long-winded debates about which text editor / desktop
environment  / web browser "is better" will be draconically
suppressed. ;)


Oliver Doepner

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