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Frank Geitzler frank.geitzler at ns.sympatico.ca
Sat Jul 13 11:18:03 ADT 2019

My apologies for the delay in advising about the summer schedule.  Just 
about the time of the scheduled June meeting, several things happened.  
First, after some discussion, we decided to cancel meetings for the 
summer months -too many of us have other plans and commitments, and 
attendance has been very low.  I did manage to update the website 
'meeting' page to show that in June, but neglected to notify (warn) 
everyone that I had done so. I was out of town myself the day of the 
previously-scheduled June meeting.

Second, I encountered computer problems with the computer I use to 
update the website -I had to re-install everything from a backup, and 
that did not go well -although I finally succeeded yesterday.  To be 
honest, it was not that difficult, just time-consuming, and life tends 
to have many other demands on my time.

The website now shows that the July and August, 2019 
previously-scheduled meetings have been cancelled (for the summer) and 
the Wednesday, September 25th meeting will be the next scheduled 
meeting.  Meetings have also been scheduled for Tuesday, October 22nd, 
and Wednesday, November 27th.

As you have been told before:

*Guests are welcome*.

*** Our website meeting page is: **http://hcc.chebucto.org/meetings.html*

The meeting page of the websiteshows scheduled meeting dates, but *we do 
not yet have any topics.*

*You are encouraged to attend, as are all HCC and NSLUG members, and to 
contact me and bring up any topics on which you would like information, 
****or on which you would like to volunteer to provide information, or 
suggest a meeting topic, for September or any future meetings***

We meet near the end of each month (except in December) at Sobeys on the 
corner of Windsor and North Streets, in the Community Room on the second 
floor. There is an accessible lift which is usually available for those 
with mobility problems -if you require it, and it is locked or is 
otherwise out of service, check with the Courtesy Desk -they are usually 
very helpful, but we really can't guarantee it. ***Frank Geitzler*

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