[nSLUG] Installing debian without systemd (was Re: Proposal for tomorrow's HCC meeting)

Znoteer znoteer at mailbox.org
Mon Dec 2 18:10:21 AST 2019


On Mon, Dec 02, 2019 at 05:49:05PM -0400, Jack Warkentin wrote:
> Hi Dave
> First attempt:
> I made up a pdf file with the instructions and have attached it to this
> message. Hopefully, the listserv's will include it when they distribute
> it.

FWIW, I received the attachment with your first attempt :)
> Second attempt:
> Well it seems that the listserv's don't like attachments, so I will
> convert it to a text file and include it, inline, as follows.
> Installing Debian Without Systemd
>     1. Download the 'net install' version of Debian buster.

(lurking from Montreal)
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