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> Also, on the topic of SIM sizes.  AFAICT the various SIM sizes in use
> (mini, micro, nano) are all electrically identical, but mechanically
> different form factors.  Luckily their connectors are the same, they just
> vary in the amount of plastic around the connector.  In fact most carriers
> now give you a pop-out card, which is a bit like a russian doll where the
> innermost doll is the nano (or whatever the smallest is called today).  If
> you require the next size up, you just knock it out with the extra
> plastic.  If you are a packrat like me, you keep the bits so that when you
> need two sizes up you have it (such as today).  You can also buy the
> adapters online, or print them if you have access to a 3d printer (I had
> poor results when I tried that road).
Good point to make - not uncommon for people to cut down a sim card for a
newer device, since the electrical components tend to not sprawl that much
in the plastic (or at least the chance drops considerably with newer SIM's
that are not the russian-doll-style already).

Although if you keep the outer perimeters for future use as adapters, be
very careful to keep the pieces flush with each other - you don't want the
insert catching on your SIM tray pins or you'll have a bad day (this is in
part why commercial adapters - like NOOSY - have been a thing however most
of the time the problem can be solved with said free insert and scotch tape
trimmed to size and on top of the combination).

Joel Maxuel

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