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On Tue, 23 Apr 2019 at 08:38, Joel Maxuel <j.maxuel at gmail.com> wrote:

> With the discussion forked (side thread on dongles), not sure where I
> should squat (my addition is regarding cellular hardware and the services
> around it).
> [... some very useful information]
Personally, I don't see the point in separating phone functionality by
> having two objects (feature/"dumb" phone and hotspot stick), over one
> (smartphone) as feature phones are harder to come by with the required
> network requirements (Rogers may be the only provider left to do 2G), and
> the two object will reveal as much about yourself as the one.  Modularity
> would have been a reasonable argument, except there is a very good chance
> the radios between the two do the same things anyway (too much functional
> overlap).

Not to mention the added work keeping two systems updated.   Many phones
can be used as wifi "hotspots" if you
need data for a laptop, or non-cellular tablet, etc.

For people travelling across borders, legal protections against
unreasonable searches aren't active, so it is recommended that you reset
your phone to factory default, and keep any information you need "in the
cloud".  The Governemt of Canada
doesn't want employees with phones taking them across boarders so provides
phones for people travelling on official business.

> Cannot think of much more on the subject except (further off-topic) for
> the market pushing for user-replaceable batteries once more.  Apple has
> proved in recent years the importance of a reasonably functional battery in
> a phone, yet will not make it easy to replace (instead have costly - to
> their bottom line - replacement programs when their old batteries meant
> stability or performance issues).  Too many OEMs followed suit with Apple,
> and there are only a small handful of devices in recent years that make it
> easy: LG G5 (2016), Moto G5 (2017), Samsung J3 (2018) - for example.  If
> the user base cared more about this (and be vocal about it) instead of
> blindly accepting the opinions of reviewers who may only use a device for
> two weeks, we may have a good start for actual longevity in the phone
> market again.

Water intrusion is one of the most common causes of death for cell phones.
 You can't have thin, waterproof, and
user-replaceble battery together.    I liked the size and replaceble
battery of the Samsung Galaxy S III, coupled with a
waterproof "ziplock" pouch, but the "market" seems to demand big and thin.
 I remember when the "market" demanded
big tailfins on big cars until some manufacturers started selling smaller
models without the fins.   I did read that Apple
is considering an update to the SE phone, so maybe things are turning

George N. White III
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