[nSLUG] Facebook, Google - Why avoid and what else to use?

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Mon Apr 22 01:32:30 ADT 2019

> However, Mike re: what you wrote about necessity of a phone:
> Another line of thought here; you could keep your privacy by
> purchasing a cheapo non-smart phone as well as a simple cellular usb
> stick modem.

Jeez, I'm embarrassingly ignorant about phones newer than a Nortel
2500.  [ObLinux] The reason I was keen on Unix, then Linux, was [1]
that there's almost always an answer to "So, how does that work?"  I
recently leaned how to use my wife's smart phone to reach the net when
something important is too big for dialup.  I hadda memorize "get
screen that looks like this; swipe up (not down); tap the gear thing;
choose the wobbly thing;...." and so on.  Anathema.

I didn't know that if you have a non-smart "plain" cell phone, that
the service attached to the SIM would automagically support data.  
Does the "stick modem" to which you refer just allow you to do dialup
over the cellular link?  Or does it behave like a wifi hotspot,
getting you an IP address via DHCP?

I need a sit-down (or maybe a series of them) with somebody that knows
all this stuff and, additionally, can explain the varieties of
functionality without lapsing into Deep Jargon.  (One person who
lacked the latter attribute kindly gave me brain dump but I'm no
better for it. :-) I had such a guy in my sights, the rep in the
Rogers store-front in Bridgewater.  I listened to him work with an
unhappy subscriber and was very impressed.  Just as I was about to
grab a wad of money and go make a deal with him, the building burned
down and Rogers seems not to have arranged a replacement Intelligent,
Patient Real Person here.  

> Just a thought, if you truly only need the phone for a phone.

Not likely to need Google maps when lost in Zagreb or to find my way
to Carnegie Hall [2].  Might need help if my car dies in Cape Breton
or even in Bridgewater.  OTOH, Peggy has demonstrated that some of the
"smart" features are handy if hardly critical.

> It also follows the 'one tool, one job' philosophy...

That, too.

> the really cheap smart phones in my experience can be enraging to
> use because there's 10 lbs of crud in a 2 lbs bag.

Didn't know that. Do you mean lots of preloaded "apps", like the
teaser software packages that (allegedly) come with Windoes?  That you
have to tediously extirpate?  Huh.  I believe the term is "blivet". ;-)
Not keen on managing a digital blivet.

[1] And remains so, although my brain is 30 years older than my intro
    to Unix and Linux (and networking) seem to be developing pockets of

[2] Practice, practice, practice.  :-)

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