[nSLUG] Facebook, Google - Why avoid and what else to use?

Oliver Doepner oliver.doepner at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 20:32:48 ADT 2019

Hi all,

I use Google for web search, gmail, maps, calendar, photos, contacts
and news aggregation.

I use Facebook for communicating with many people in a way that is
more flexible than reply-all emailing or distribution list email
conversations. I limit FB use to about 1h a day, as I find some of the
interactions with not-so-close "friends" or even strangers easily
confrontational and too time-consuming.

Some people on this group seem to have strong reasons to avoid or even
denounce these companies and their services.

Can you explain why and what the alternatives are, for the above uses?

Both companies have made significant contributions to Open Source, by the way:
- https://opensource.google.com/
- https://opensource.facebook.com/

Let's have a civilized and non-inflammatory discussion about this, please. :)

Oliver Doepner

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