Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Apr 18 02:57:53 ADT 2019

I'm encountering web sites that a browser won't talk to.  Variously,
there's a report of a crypto mismatch or the remote site just closes
the connection.

Browsers both claim to support TLS 1.2.

Are sites already requiring TLS 1.3? Or do some implementations use
differing crypto protocols unsupported by others? Or something else?

Is there a way, short of deciphering a packet sniffer's output (such
as Wireshark) to get a report on what, exactly, happens in the setup
negotiation for HTTPS?  wget(1) will report the HTTP headers but not what
happens in the security setup phase.

Is there a way to beat this up, understand what's going on, without
reading a slew of RFCs?

- Mike


I know, I know, "Do you have the latest browser available?"  No, I
don't.  Every new version implements something I don't want that I
have to try to disable or disables something I rely on forcing a
work-around or abject submission.  I just learned about the "ping"
attribute for anchor tags, one more thing to filter.

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