[nSLUG] On Linux & digital rights & freedoms advocacy (avoiding us/them mentality)

Tony Rowe ay986 at chebucto.ns.ca
Wed Apr 10 12:49:33 ADT 2019

On Mon, Apr 08, 2019 at 07:16:07PM -0300, Ben Armstrong wrote:

> The lion's share of my social media time is spent on iNaturalist,
> not Facebook, adding up to hours rather than minutes, and so to the
> extent I do remain on FB, it's only because being realistic, not everyone
> I'd like to involve in discussions about nature / photography can be
> convinced, or even have an interest in iNat. That being said, just this

I was wondering where you were posting these days.  I just looked and 
found at least one link to 'iNat' (which I missed before when I looked) 
from your syn.theti blog.  I am very fond of many of the nature 
pictures you have taken over the years and I am happy to find where you 
are putting them up these days.

I agree with what you say about your participation on FB.  I am sure I 
would be using one or two of the new, shiny social-media sites myself 
if I had reason to do so.  As it is, I am now so far out of the loop 
that I read 'FB' as 'Frozen-Bubble'.

Thank-you for gracing my mail with such a thorough and thoughtful 
reply.  I think you flushed out some of my ideas better than I did.


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