[nSLUG] [NSLUG] Re: Tonight's social (April 1st)

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Apr 4 03:19:27 ADT 2019

Looked at the on-line poll, couldn't make a lot of sense of it.

0) Where are you located?

    South Shore, ca. 1hr40min from Hfx.  I've come to meets when I
    happen to be in town at the right time or to meet a specific
    person f2f.

1) Are you interested at all in having monthly meetings?

    Interested, yes.  If they were in Bridgewater or Lunenburg I'd be
    a regular.  But 3+ hours of driving plus city traffic is a big
    deterrent.  Closure of Quinpool will make it more so.

2) What is your ideal expectation from those meetings?
    (i.e. what kinds of activities would interest you)

    I enjoy the social kaffeklatsches and appreciate the formal
    presentations.  Just occasion to talk to people who know about
    Linux and the internet is good.  The coffee shop venue isn't
    wonderful but meets without broadband net access (as, say, at my
    house) wouldn't be so good.

3) What about a more decentralized approach where regional groups of
people meet at places that are not just in Halifax?

    Central Halifax (or perhaps Bedford) is best for me if it's to be
    in the metro area.  A "regional" meet would be fine.  One of the
    people at game company in Lunenburg organized a couple of meets
    several years ago at a Bridgewater school but either lost interest
    himself, got too busy or found lack of ongoing interest from
    others.  I don't know how many Linux users (or interested
    potential converts) there are in the area -- don't know *any*

4) How about having (reasonably sized) meetings at somebody's home to
cut costs and enable us to bring/have the drinks and snacks we like? I
can imagine hosting a meeting every few months at my home in Halifax
Fairview, for example.

    Sounds doable, depending on the generosity of people to host it.
    I'd need a map to know where Fairview is. :-o

The Maritime Blacksmiths have the same problem.  With active smiths in
Cape Breton, eastern New Brunswick, South Shore, North Shore &
Valley as well as the Hfx area, it's an effort for some to get to
meets.  Almost all are hosted by members who have a forge shop but
it's become something of a project to host 20 to 40 people for a day
-- parking and lunch being among the difficulties.  (The host has to
have a forge & anvil but at least we don't need broadband and those of
us who live where coal smoke won't bother neighbors don't have it.)

You're welcome here one or two at a time.  Call ahead, bring your cell
phone that acts as a wifi access point.  Free coffee. :-)

Michael Spencer                  Nova Scotia, Canada       .~. 
mspencer at tallships.ca                                     /( )\
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