[nSLUG] Tonight's social (April 1st)

Ben Armstrong synergism at gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 09:02:49 ADT 2019

re. questions to the group in brief:

0) Timberlea
1) As is evident by my prolonged absence, my interest has been low for
quite a while, though if circumstances change (not just the group dynamic,
but also in large part personal circumstances), my interest/motivation
might be rekindled. See 5.
2) I primarily seek a positive social experience, i.e. simply staying
connected to the local Linux-using community is something I value, though
currently lower on my list than many other things. See 5.
3) The Keshen Goodman library / Clayton Park Sobeys common room are a
couple of "geographically dispersed" locations that might work for me to
occasionally attend.
4) In someone's home sounds nice, though that might have all the problems
for me pointed out in 5 below, and in some ways might exacerbate the
problem, i.e. could mean an even longer transit time / more comforts of a
home setting might make us lose track of time which I find in short supply
5) Quite simply, time taken away from spending it on my other interests /
involvements & family is too high a barrier for me to attend at all these
days. A Discord call every once in a while might be something I could do
with you all (addresses point 3 in a different way).

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