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Paul Russell prussellster at gmail.com
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I still have the punch cards of a COBOL program that I wrote in high school
in '82. They make great bookmarks and, in a pinch, I can reconstruct the
program. Now all I need to do is find something to read them....

On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 4:00 PM, Daniel MacKay <daniel at bonmot.ca> wrote:

> All media — spinning magnetic, ssd, tape, floppy optical — fail.  Some
> fail more predictably than others - the two worst I’ve worked with were a
> horrible thing called a ZIP drive, and 8mm tapes in Exabyte brand drives.
> Both of those had high failure rates and VERY poor compatibility: that is,
> you’d have an Exabyte drive fail, take your spare off the shelf and
> discover that it couldn’t read any of your backup tapes.
> In terms of philosophy, this is an oldie - twenty years old? or more? -
> but a goodie:
>         http://www.taobackup.com/
> It doesn’t matter what medium you use, if you follow the Tao of Backup.
> Practically, this is what I do:
> My Macs get Time Machine’d to a local hard disk. Time Machine does
> (something like) a week’s worth of once an hour, then a month’s worth of
> once-a-day, then one a week forever. I have two Time Machine disks; Norval
> has the other one backing up his Macs at his office; every month or so we
> swap drives so if a drive gets destroyed by a flood or fire, there’s an
> older offsite one.
> My production Unix machines all back up, via rsync, to an antique Solaris
> box in my basement running rsync (again, for physical separation.)  Every
> night the backup machine does a ZFS snapshot of the backup volume. A script
> deletes those snapshots with a “Towers of Hanoi” algorithm: there’s a
> backup a day old, two days old, four days, eight days, 16 days etc.
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