[nSLUG] [NSLUG] Re: USB stick for backup okay?

Mike Crawford mdcrawford at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 16:13:36 ADT 2018

I asked my Mom to send a specific stick to my brother-in-law should I
die or become incapacitated.

One day I left town without informing her of my plans.  She sent ALL
of my sticks to him.

Upon receiving them, Stanley copied them all to his hard drive.

I later asked him to return all those sticks.  He didn't know where
they were but said "That's OK, I have them all imaged on my box".

Every last one of those images were corrupt.  He and my sister were
never able to find the actual sticks.  Eventually my time of morning
expired.  I resolved to get on with life without all that precious

I have since gotten far more diligent about backups.  Each of my boxes
has a directory for local backups, my server has a directory for
off-site backups and I have a stick for on-site but air-gapped


M. David Crawford

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