[nSLUG] Halifax ISPs

Ed Fletcher ed at fletcher.ca
Sat Jun 16 08:30:43 ADT 2018

On 06/08/2018 01:30 PM, Robert McKay wrote:
> On 2018-06-05 17:41, Robin Murray wrote:
>> I am looking for a very basic internet connection in Halifax. I've
>> googled a few lists but they are very useless and often turn out they
>> don't provide the service after they click-baited me onto their sites.
>> I was told by one that my area has "fibre only" so they couldn't
>> service me. I'm wondering if by "fibre only" it means that I'm tied to
>> Bell or Eastlink and paying $100/mo for a connection that I don't
>> need. I'm looking for a car, not a space shuttle.
>> Can anyone recommend a cheap service that provides, say, 2M download 
>> speeds?
> For light use 4g/LTE may be a good/cheap option.
> You can plug an 4g/LTE dongle into most any openwrt capable home router, 
> or buy a mifi device (which is handy to have anyway).
> I have used 4g as my primary internet connection for several months 
> using this;
> https://www.amazon.co.uk/Huawei-E5770s-320-Hotspot-globally-battery/dp/B014RA2QE6/ 
> that one has a nice hardware ethernet port as well as wifi so it's easy 
> to hook up to your lan. It provides dhcp and a NAT network.
> It wasn't as good as fiber obviously, but it's instant setup and can be 
> cheap as long as you can find a plan that fits your usage and cost 
> requirements.
> Another nice mifi device worth mentioning is 
> https://www.gl-inet.com/mifi/ -- this thing runs openwrt out of the box, 
> and has a built in battery and mobile module. It's a great little 
> gadget, unfortunately I already broke mine by inserting the simcard 
> backwards.. it's sim holder is a bit fragile, so be careful.
> Or just any openwrt with a usb stick is fine too.
> It seems like there may be some reasonable deals using foreign networks 
> roaming in canada
> http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/Canada#Foreign_SIM_cards_roaming_in_Canada 
> https://www.amazon.ca/Telcel-Mexico-Prepaid-Card-Devices/dp/B00MYN5OKW/
> The US ones seem to provide a good amount of data (including several 
> 'unlimited'/throttled options).. so does the free france one if it's 
> still available.
> If you find a good plan that doesn't allow tethering, that restriction 
> can normally be bypassed by running a vpn on the router that's driving 
> the 4g stick.
> There may also be good contract (as opposed to prepaid) plans too.
> Robert

I just saw this yesterday.  It seems to have some good options (cable, 
dsl, home phone, TV), but I've never heard of them.  Does anyone have 
experience with this company?


Ed Fletcher

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