[nSLUG] Halifax ISPs

Robert McKay robert at mckay.com
Fri Jun 8 13:30:03 ADT 2018

On 2018-06-05 17:41, Robin Murray wrote:
> I am looking for a very basic internet connection in Halifax. I've
> googled a few lists but they are very useless and often turn out they
> don't provide the service after they click-baited me onto their sites.
> I was told by one that my area has "fibre only" so they couldn't
> service me. I'm wondering if by "fibre only" it means that I'm tied to
> Bell or Eastlink and paying $100/mo for a connection that I don't
> need. I'm looking for a car, not a space shuttle.
> Can anyone recommend a cheap service that provides, say, 2M download 
> speeds?

For light use 4g/LTE may be a good/cheap option.

You can plug an 4g/LTE dongle into most any openwrt capable home router, 
or buy a mifi device (which is handy to have anyway).

I have used 4g as my primary internet connection for several months 
using this;


that one has a nice hardware ethernet port as well as wifi so it's easy 
to hook up to your lan. It provides dhcp and a NAT 

It wasn't as good as fiber obviously, but it's instant setup and can be 
cheap as long as you can find a plan that fits your usage and cost 

Another nice mifi device worth mentioning is 
https://www.gl-inet.com/mifi/ -- this thing runs openwrt out of the box, 
and has a built in battery and mobile module. It's a great little 
gadget, unfortunately I already broke mine by inserting the simcard 
backwards.. it's sim holder is a bit fragile, so be careful.

Or just any openwrt with a usb stick is fine too.

It seems like there may be some reasonable deals using foreign networks 
roaming in canada



The US ones seem to provide a good amount of data (including several 
'unlimited'/throttled options).. so does the free france one if it's 
still available.

If you find a good plan that doesn't allow tethering, that restriction 
can normally be bypassed by running a vpn on the router that's driving 
the 4g stick.

There may also be good contract (as opposed to prepaid) plans too.


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