[nSLUG] Server operations in progress

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Fri Feb 9 10:45:41 AST 2018

Following up on this item: between me and Joel, we put in several hours
on Tuesday working on the mail server & the mailing list.

Additionally, I upgraded the OS in two steps (one release at a time)
from Wheezy up to Stretch (Debian 9.3). Due to how our virtual host is
set up, there is a final step that remains unfinished, though, which
requires a visit to the colo facility by Rob McKay (anticipated today)
and a reboot to fix.

Meanwhile, what I said below still applies. All services are presently
available and functioning properly, but further unannounced service
outages (hopefully brief) are possible today, while we wrap up the upgrades.


On 06/02/18 06:18 AM, Ben Armstrong wrote:
> Hi. I'm doing upgrades on the nslug server this morning which will cause
> brief unavailability of services. Just dropping a note here in case
> anyone notices. I expect to be done before anyone actually needs the
> system for anything. I'll send an additional note when I'm all done.
> Ben
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