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Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Thu Apr 5 08:15:21 ADT 2018

Hello Jas!

I was about to suggest the Halifax Computer Club, as the schedule for their
meetings is the last week on the month (for May that is Wednesday, the
30th) but then I read the "business hours" part (the HCC runs from 7PM to
9PM, at the Sobeys grocery store community room at the corner of North St
and Windsor St).

I am unsure of any upcoming conferences, there is a security expo that runs
some time in the summer I believe, but conferences would probably be the
best bet for business hours (given the right week).

The Halifax Central Library may have workshops of interest that week,
during the day as well (such as 3D printing).  Or maybe the schedule will
just have a vaguely BSD result on the tech front:

Hope this helps. :^)

Joel Maxuel

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On Wed, Apr 4, 2018 at 3:23 PM, Jas Eckard <jas+nslug at eckard.com> wrote:

> Hello, fellow Linux Users!
> My name is Jas Eckard, I am a fellow Linux User living in South
> Carolina, USA, and I will be visiting your fine province the last week
> of May.  I noticed that your regular meeting is the first Monday of
> the month, so I am disappointed that I won't be able to attend, but I
> was wondering if there is anything Linux- or computer-related in the
> area that last week of May that I could do during business hours,
> while my wife is at work?  Conferences, computer clubs, training?  I
> understand the lobster is amazing, so I'm looking forward to that, but
> I'd like to also feed my mind.  :^)
> --Jas
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