[nSLUG] Cat 5 Cabling

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Sat Jul 15 15:27:14 ADT 2017

A couple of things to note. 
Patch cables are stranded wires. The RJ45 ends for stranded versus solid wire, I believe are different. 
500' or 1000' boxes are usually solid wires for installation. 
Patch cables are flexible to provide better life in the role of joining the wall plate to the device. Solid wires are not intended 
for applications that involve flex or cable movement. 
Solid wire is best terminated, at the device end, on a wall plate or surface mount box with a keystone jack. These jacks are 
available in 2 basic types, tool less and tool required. Usually a 110 punch down tool. 
The end that connects to a switch or router, which doesn't get moved or disconnected a lot, can be an RJ45 directly on the 
end of the wire. 
So I would suggest that you use solid strand wire ending in a tool-less keystone jack. From there to your device use a pre 
made patch cable of a suitable length. 
Consider patch cables as consumable. 
Jim Haliburton.

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