[nSLUG] Reply Re: Problem connecting new installation Firefox to BellAliant FibreOp

Jack Warkentin jwark at bellaliant.net
Sat Aug 12 11:50:23 ADT 2017

Hi Everybody

According to the Release Notes for Debian Stretch:

5.3.9 Net-tools will be deprecated in favor of iproute2

The net-tools package is no longer part of new installations by default, 
since its priority has been lowered from important to optional. Users 
are instead advised to use the modern iproute2 toolset
(which has been part of new installs for several releases already). If 
you still prefer to continue using the net-tools programs you can simply 
install it via

apt install net-tools


Here is a summary of the net-tools commands, together with their 
iproute2 equivalent:

legacy net-tools	iproute2 replacement commands

arp			ip n (ip neighbor)
ifconfig		ip a (ip addr), ip link, ip -s (ip -stats)
iptunnel		ip tunnel
nameif			ip link
netstat			ss,
			ip route (for netstat -r),
			ip -s link (for netstat -i),
			ip maddr (for netstat -g)
route			ip r (ip route)

Hope this helps


Mike Spencer wrote:
> Douglas Guptill <dguptill at accesswave.ca> wrote:
>> I remember seeing, somewhere, a note to the effect that 'ip' is more
>> recent software, and in some (forgotten) circumstances, gives better
>> results than 'ifconfig'
>> $ ip addr show
>> will display all configured interfaces
> In particular, I've noticed that, in Slack 14.1, ifconfig no longer
> shows MAC address.  "ip link show" does.
> - Mike

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