[nSLUG] Left out in the cold?

Daniel AJ Sokolov @mobile daniel at falco.ca
Tue Jan 19 23:44:22 AST 2016

Not the phones, the nest thermostates ran out of power. Thanks to the update. That was my understanding. They had to be taken off, connected to a PC, and recharged there (probably installing a special update that way, too).

Welcome to the connected home.

Daniel AJ

On 19 January 2016 22:52:10 GMT-04:00, Eugene Cormier <eugene.cormier at gmail.com> wrote:
>Never had any issues here, Nest has always worked well for me...
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>   I was just listening to the CBC radio, where they were discussing a
>   failure in a smart-phone application called "Nest", if I heard them
>  correctly.  I think they said that an update to application which was
>   pushed out lately had a bug which caused household thermostats
>  controlled by the application to shut down, possibly causing users to
>wake up to a very cold house.  It seems that shutting off the phone and
>recharging it (a process of about an hour?) was the only resolution the
>   supplier could offer.  Not fun in the middle of a cold spell!
>   Frank
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