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Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Thu Apr 21 15:12:46 ADT 2016

Richard   wrote:

> ***   It's the 21st century, people -- *everything* is crap, now!!

Ah-ha!  I knew there was a reason why I pursued a 2,000 year old craft
with 150 year old tools, lived in a 150 year old house with (mostly)
90+ year old technology, excepting 40 y.o. phones and 10 y.o. computers.

And a 10 y.o. browser.  I'm always shocked and appalled when I see the
crap that a new browser renders.  Last off: An article with 80K of
text, backgrounder on epigenetics research.  The web doc as delivered
was 1.6M, mostly js, style sheets and irrelevant graphics/icons sent
in-line.  So, 95% crap.  And someone worked very hard to make it so.

I inherited a recliner chair that my parents bought new circa 1968.
When we retired it circa 2011 due to irreparable mechanical failure,
the Naugahide looked a little tacky with some duct tape repairs.  The
new replacement, now about 5 years old, still operates but the
faux-leatherette-ish upholstry looks far worse than the old one ever
did.  The only guarantee we got with it was that the saleslady
guaranteed that it would *not* last 40+ years.


Still trying to figure out how or why (large) writes to a 150G SATA HD
(replacing an 80G IDE HD) succeed in hogging memory and stalling X,
while HD reads and reads/writes between USB sticks do not.  Grovelling
over Documentation/sysctl/vm.txt for 2.4.33 kernel without much

- Mike

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