[nSLUG] Google Won't Crawl My Most Recent Webpages

Richard Bonner ak621 at chebucto.ns.ca
Thu Apr 7 23:55:38 ADT 2016

Hey, Smart People!

    This is not a Linux question, but many of you do Web stuff, so 
perhaps one or more of you have an explanation and suggestions.

    I have had websites for 20 years. When I create a new page that is 
an extension of an existing one, I copy the .html file while renaming 
it, and then simply replace the text and image references with the new 
information. After a few weeks, Google crawls it which allows my 
website Search Feature to find items on the new page. To do this, I 
invoke a Google service, the code of which you can peruse by looking 
at the source of one of my "Search" pages. An example is at:


    Anyway, after some months, Google still has not seen my new pages. 
They can be accessed by any browser I have tried, and the w3c HTML 
Validator recognises the links and pages, yet Google does not. Older 
pages at the site are found by Google as normal.

    Here is a link to one of the new pages. The w3c Validator passes 
this page, but even plunking the full URL into Google's "Search" bar 
gives a "did not match any documents" result. So it's not my "Search" 
code that is at fault, and I assume not my .html document, given the 
Validation `OK' I receive.


    Ideas? Suggestions?


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