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chris thompson ct8ball at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 20:34:39 ADT 2015

Hey Mike,

I would suggest modifying the number of servers, number of children within
the apache configuration, possibly you have a memory leak? what version of
apache is this?

it wouldn't hurt to only allow for say 100 children per proc to
troubleshoot initially; you can of course increase it from there, but also
bear in mind if you are running mysql in the back-end of that you will want
to modify it's child procs as well to match the configurations in apache.

it also couldn't hurt to spit some output on here?

ie. pstree? ls -ltr?
top / htop
anything like that would help I think... maybe even go so far as to strace
the process to see if it's actually doing nothing and increase the logging?

I may have more with the details, but give that a go for starters.


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>    1.   httpd busy on idle machine? (Mike Spencer)
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> Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 02:27:39 -0300
> From: mspencer at tallships.ca (Mike Spencer)
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> Subject: [nSLUG]  httpd busy on idle machine?
> Message-ID: <201506240527.t5O5RdH13008 at bogus.nodomain.nowhere>
> Running a 3.10.17 kernel on my rather new laptop.
> When the machine is essentially idle -- X on, some iconified xterms
> and emacsen and xclock, cable-connected to LAN but not to internet, no
> traffic in or out, top(1) running in an xterm.
> I see that one or more instances of httpd and kworker/n:m spend a lot
> of time near the top of the display.  AIUI, kworker is/are generic
> handlers for system calls.  So in my ignorance, this appears to me as
> if httpd is busy *doing* something when nothing should be asking it to
> do anything.
> rcu_sched and udevd pop up to the top of the display frequently, too.
> On my desktop, running an older (2.4) kernel, httpd never shows up
> near the top of top(1) unless I send a browser to http://localhost.
> Is something weird or undesirable happening with the laptop?  Or is
> it normal for newer kernel and software to doing some kind of busywork
> on a mostly idle machine?
> (I only thought to look at this because I had an anomalous boot
> followed by sluggish response of a fast machine.  Killing and
> restarting httpd seemed to fix the sluggishness.  Subsequent boot was
> normal but the behavior of httpd in top(1) was the same. But I don't
> really know what I'm looking at here, don't understand all th einfo
> that top(1) can show me.)
> - Mike
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