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Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 07:39:06 ADT 2015

Good idea Chris.  I made sure to run MemTest86+ on the old sticks (the one
that came with the PC and the one I already had lying around).

While asking around for 2GB RAM, I ended up calling MysteryByte, and they
told me there was a trick with my Lenovo.  Flash the BIOS, and it will
accept 4GB sticks.  So I did, and it worked!  I put the spare stick in on
the second slot, and the 4GB one on the first, leaving the original RAM out
of the picture entirely (I could have tried to pair it in slot 4 but the
mismatch of manufacturers - what is in there now are both Kingston where
the odd one out is a Elipda/Micron, I considered it too much of a bother)
and leaving me with a suitable 6GB.

Ran Memtest86+ again, all looked well.  Interestingly enough, the
throughput of the DIMM's went down with the Kingston RAM pair (~2800MB/s
for DIMMS that supported bus speeds of 1600 and 1333mHz, respectively) as
opposed to the two two's I had in earlier (~3400MB/s, odd one out
supporting the bare minimum of 1067mHz).

Anyway, after popping in a live CD and doing a dump of lsmod, to a flash
drive, I completed the transition of parts from the custom-built Asus,
Intel 5800, to the Lenovo M58 7373 (aka the Intel E7500 - I know, not much
of an upgrade, but the ASUS didn't like the 6GB RAM combo whereas the
Lenovo did).

Once I got the HDD and SSD in (which involved careful cutting of a zip tie
to access another power adapter), I dealt with the expansion slots.  Hmm,
the PCI-E 16x and 1x are in reverse order in this one.  So when I put the
video card in, it blocks the PCI-E 1x slot.  Guess I won't be putting in
the TV Tuner (which I haven't used in a while, but I was thinking of having
a separate HTPC at some point anyway, so I will save the parts - which
would be almost completely collected now that I have a spare tower - for

Booting went well, except for one issue ... No network.  After checking the
connections, rebooting into live, fussing with modprobe, downloading the
lshw package (via live CD) and dpkg'ing it (while on the main OS), I
determined that the ethernet loaded on eth1 instead of the configured eth0.
  So once I modified the /etc/network/interfaces file (swapped out eth0 for
eth1), I was back in business.

System works well so far.  Didn't do any real-world tests with it yet (I
have been compiling something[1] the past while, which previous took around
12 hours in a 2048MB-alloted VM[2], I will find out at some point how fast
I can compile now that I can safely allocate 3840MB to that VM).

[1] I have been compiling CarbonROM and lately SlimKat for my old backup
phone.  CarbonROM works well, except the camcorder doesn't record anything,
SlimKat doesn't yet boot up, rather reboots into recovery mode - kernel
issue I have yet to determine.

[2] The reason to compile in a VM is my complicated Java situation.  ROM
compiling requires Oracle JDK 7 (although I think Google recommends
OpenJDK), while my host system uses OpenJDK7 for a few things that I had
enough trouble to get things to work for instead of OpenJDK6.  So it was
easier to create a VM than try to switch Java, or use a chroot jail
(although I have one of those already for strictly 32-bit apps).

Joel Maxuel

"One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."
 - Ronan Harris / Mark Jackson

On Sat, Jun 13, 2015 at 2:44 PM, chris thompson <ct8ball at gmail.com> wrote:

> Be sure to burn in your ram to ensure it's good. I personally just used dd
> to transpose to a new ssd (same size ) and modded the configuration after
> verifying functionality.
> Christopher
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>> Hello all,
>> I realize when hardware is moved on this list, it typically comes as an
>> offer, however, I do have a request today.
>> I bought a PC through Partners for Care, an Lenovo M58 7373 that came with
>> 2GB of RAM.  I am looking to bump this up a little more to be able to call
>> it an upgrade with my previous setup (CPU benchmarks are currently on par
>> with my current system, just my current one has been a tad unreliable for
>> a
>> while now).
>> Thus I am looking for a 2GB stick (or a pair of 1's) for the "new" PC.  I
>> checked my favourite retailer's website, Mysterybyte, and their RAM in
>> stock is too large to accommodate the MoBo (starts at 4GB).  Specs are
>> DIMM, DDR3, bus speed at least 1066mHz.
>> Also, as PfC PC's don't come with HDD's, I will be moving my HDD and SSD
>> over.  Any considerations I should know about before I do this for a
>> smooth
>> transition?  All I can think of is to pop in a live CD on the new first,
>> lsmod to a file, and make sure those modules are added (modprobe), in the
>> first boot of the transplant.
>> --
>> Cheers,
>> Joel Maxuel
>> "One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."
>>  - Ronan Harris / Mark Jackson
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