[nSLUG] February Tech Talk: Come and Play with Bash Built-Ins

Corrie Watt corriewatt at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 16:10:42 AST 2015

Hi Everyone,

The next Tech Talk is coming up on Feb 2. It will be the Command Line,
Part 3, where we play with some shell built-in utilities,

When: Mon, Feb 2 2015, 5:30pm
Where: Goldberg Computer Science Building, Conference Room 311 (*NOTE*
=> New room - our usual room was not available for Feb 2).
Signs to the room will be posted.

BYOC, or share a computer with a friend; this will be a hands-on session.
No slides, no lecture. Printed activity sheets will be provided, and
these are available as a pdf, as well. (Email me for the pdf, if you'd
like to have a copy.)


CorrieWatt at gmail.com

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