[nSLUG] Switched to Fibreop, telnet backdoor on Bell router

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 13:34:53 AST 2014

I had intended to put the Atom box into service as router, but it
had a motherboard problem, with presence of a good
PS/2 keyboard preventing it from booting (I know, odd).
In the end I went with the Asus router and Asus-wrt Merlin
firmware discussed in many broadband forums, etc.,
on the web, as it supports VLAN tag.  It is a good alternative
and works for my needs.

I notice when I nmap scan for telnet around my IP range,
I'm seeing only about 27% have a port 23 open.  Perhaps some
IPs are not allocated, or have some other router from Bell.

I've asked a couple of people I know with FibreOP to test
their telnet vulnerability.  They have the same Actiontec
router I was given and yet telnet isn't open.  Mystery as
to why.
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