[nSLUG] Removing spaces from file names - note, long lines

Mike Spencer mspencer at tallships.ca
Wed Nov 12 02:52:34 AST 2014

Oliver Doepner <odoepner at gmail.com> wrote:

> Regarding moving photo files, I use a script that utilizes exiftool
> to determine year and month the photo (or video) was taken and moves
> it to a yyyy/mm folder:

Interesting.  I've used wrjpgcom(1) to add metadata to jpegs although
that feature of jpeg seems to be little used elsewhere.

I don't have exiftool (just fetched it from the net) although I see
from strings(1) that the date for many photos is there in a header
field of some kind.  I gather, from glancing over the EXIF standard
(MEGO), that EXIF is built on top of TIFF?  I once commenced trying to
beat up the TIFF libs with a view to writing my own image manipulation
code.  It wasn't very long before I decided that I didn't care enough
about it to grovel through all the defines, typedefs and other
indirection to the required extent.

So I have a new tool to play with, thanks.  Although I'm not sure I'll
have much need for most of the capabilities.

- Mike

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