[nSLUG] Bell Aliant FibreOP and Linux router

Johann Tienhaara jtienhaara at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 12 14:18:54 ADT 2013

I've been using Fibre Op for 2 years now.  Only Gnu/Linux here.

The Fibre Op support line is quick and helpful, unlike the "regular" Bell Aliant support line.  I once spent an hour on the "regular" line, only to discover that I was supposed to call the Fibre Op line.  The Fibre Op support folks picked up right away, no queuing.  They're typical tech support, not IT geniuses, but they are knowledgeable  about things like static IP addresses vs DHCP.

Eastlink support is wonderful, but their sales people are just as 
clueless as Bell Aliant's sales reps.  And the first thing an Eastlink support 
person will say -- just as any internet provider, including Bell Aliant 
-- is "sorry we don't support Linux".  Groan.

As mentioned, Bell has no idea how to handle static IP addresses today, and so according to an inside source that's their top priority.  They're losing out in the small-medium business market.  I expect it will be done poorly whenever they get it off the ground (it is already late), but it is on their radar.

Fibre Op has no caps.  Bell Aliant has not made any promises to keep it that way, but to date they haven't done any throttling or extortion.

As mentioned, the Bell Aliant router is more or less mandatory, even though it's junk.  The web administation interface doesn't even work with FireFox / IceWeasel.  Use it as a front end to get an IP address, and then put a real router/firewall -- maybe even a Linux box -- behind it to serve your network.

Overall I'm happy with Fibre Op, and have never considered going back to Eastlink.  But of course YMMV.



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