[nSLUG] Next technial talk night topics

Trina Hanson trina.hanson79 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 7 20:27:54 ADT 2013

Hello all,

After tonight's technical talk, I suggested that we have one next month and
expand on the talk tonight of the CLI commands, which again I would like to
thank Corrie Watt for her talk tonight on the entry level CLI commands
 This talk would be a more in depth look at what the commands can do and
some more advanced commands one would use as a super user on a day to day
basis.  Another topic that I would like to see presented is scripting for
Linux, again starting from basic and working our way up.

I would like to see the technical talks become a once a month thing, and we
could also still have the once a month get together at a coffee shop for
just some one on one /small groups time.

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