[nSLUG] More info about the talk on Dec 2nd?

Baha Baydar bbaydar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 25 10:35:13 AST 2013

Now that we've established the list is working, and just deathly quiet...

I was wondering if there were further details about the talk scheduled for
the next meeting on the 2nd?

I got the following info from my fiancee at Dal:

>Hello folks,
> Monday Dec 2nd I will be giving a talk the configuration management
software Puppet in >conjunction with Foreman to manage 300+ linux machines
with only one dedicated FTE. The talk >is geared towards people with a
working knowledge of linux.
> The talk is organized by NSLUG, hosted by CS at Dal with refreshments
(coffee/tea) provided by >Networks & Systems (ITS). It is located in Jacob
Slonim conference room 4th floor of the CS >building. It starts promptly at
5:30pm next Monday, my talk will be about an hour.
> If you are unable to attend but are interested in the topic let me know
and I can provide you with >my presentation after the event.
>-Karl Vollmer

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