[nSLUG] Organizers & presenters wanted: nSLUG tech talks, December

Ben Armstrong synrg at sanctuary.nslug.ns.ca
Sat Nov 2 12:02:21 ADT 2013

For tech talks to work, we need people to step up and both organize and
present the tech talks every second month. So if this is something you
want to help with, please follow up here.

The last time we talked about this was at the end of the last tech talk.
I feel that's probably not the best way to get a good sampling of what
talks the group would like to hear, as it tends to select in favour of
those showing up for a particular talk (which may not broadly interest
everyone in the group). Let's keep the discussion alive on the list in
the weeks between. Ideally, we should start a thread like this one
immediately after conclusion of the prior tech talk to start planning
for the next one.


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