[nSLUG] 1-Wire Bus sensors

Dave Flogeras dflogeras2 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 23 14:50:38 ADT 2013

I also vote for element14/canada.newark.com.  I normally hate UPS, but
newark has a deal with their pre-brokered service, and its $8
overnight to Canada (no hidden fees).

The only 1-wire device I've dealt with (on a raspi) was the ds1307
realtime clock.  It was simple to set up, since Pi kernel sources has
both ds1307 rtc and i2c drivers.

On Fri, Mar 22, 2013 at 11:23 PM, Bill Davidson
<billdavidson at eastlink.ca> wrote:
> I haven't seen any other replies, so...
> Much as I like to support local businesses, when it comes to electronic
> parts I get them from the "big three": Digikey (digikey.ca), Mouser
> (ca.mouser.com), and Newark (canada.newark.com).  Between the three of them
> you should be able to find what you want, at good prices, with fast
> delivery.  Either buy enough for the "free upgrade" or pay a few dollars
> more for "premium shipping" so the courier companies don't screw you with
> bogus "brokerage fees".
> Also, for more generic electronics parts, check out apexjr.com -- surplus
> stuff, cheap.  He ships USPS, which is good, but unfortunately there is
> quite a bump from their US fees to Canadian.  Not sure what's going on
> there.  But, the deals are good enough that on a decent sized order you can
> easily make up for the shipping differential.
> On 18/03/2013 2:27 PM, Daniel MacKay wrote:
>> Hey all!
>> I'm building a renewable energy information system - how much energy your
>> PV panel has collected, how much hot water is in your solar hot water tank,
>> how many $$ your wind turbine has saved you, etc. etc..
>> It'll be based, I think, on a Raspberry Pi for moving the data around, and
>> 1-Wire Bus for the sensors.
>> Is there anywhere in Halifax to buy the latter? I'll want temperature
>> sensors, voltage / current AC & DC and since water flow meters, and some
>> electric power meters, generate pulses, pulse counting sensors, probably
>> DS2423s.
>> Jentronics is checking their catalog for me and I thought I'd check here
>> at the same time.
>> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
>> -dan
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