[nSLUG] RStudio and SAGE as an example of a linux web app

Stephen Yorke syorke at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 19:14:35 AST 2013

  Hehehehe...if your Windows systems are always running updates or AV, I
would be firing the admin and getting a new one.

Windows Updates are released every Tuesday.  Linux updates can be everyday,
sometimes multiple times a day.  =)

I love the Linux realm and enjoy fiddling with many different distros but
at the end of the day Microsoft pays this guys bills.

With that said though, more and more Linux opportunity has been opening up
for me in my company and I grasp every op with open arms.  You never know,
I may someday be as good as you guys on this list with Linux.  Maybe even
switch from the dark side to the bright side (Linux) professionally.   ;-)


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Subject: [nSLUG] RStudio and SAGE as an example of a linux web app

For those who haven't considered developing web apps on linux, I should
mention a couple real-world open source examples -- one older app and one
using webkit and qt.

1. Sage Mathematical Software <http://www.sagemath.org/> -- native linux/OS
X application (Windows version is a virtual appliance) with a "notebook"
interface that runs in a browser.  The home page has a link to online
versions you can try.   Both iOS and Goggle chromium use webkit browser
technology which has caused some problems for SAGE in the past.  It would
be a huge win if SAGE can make use of the
display quality in a chromebook pixel

1.  RStudio <http://rstudio.org> -- GUI for the R stats package built using
webkit.  Rstudio server is available for linux.  At work I use an RStudio
server when Windows is busy running managed AV scan or installing updates
(e.g., most of the time), as well as for some R libraries that aren't
available on Windows or which require 3rd party libraries/tools that we're
not permitted to install in the corporate standard Windows configuration.
I' love to see how the graphics look on a chromebook pixel.

George N. White III <aa056 at chebucto.ns.ca>
Head of St. Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia
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