[nSLUG] rsync://mirror.its.dal.ca/gentoo-portage available

Karl Vollmer vollmer at ampache.org
Wed Mar 6 11:10:08 AST 2013

Just an fyi per request we added a gentoo-portage to mirror.its.dal.ca.

I've also not heard any 'its broken' comments from anyone in a while
so I'm going to assume all is well.

We're currently seeking "in-kind" support from a hardware vendor for
an upgraded mirror.its.dal.ca if you have the time, and inclination,
please send me a 1-2 sentence blurb about why a Nova Scotia open
source mirror is important/useful to you, responses from
companies/educational institutes and individuals are all useful.

PS - The planned upgrade is from 6TB of disk --> ~16TB+ of disk, an
increase from 5 drives to 16 (more iops!!!) and double or tripling in



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