[nSLUG] Looking for old slider feature-phone

Joel Maxuel j.maxuel at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 12:53:49 AST 2013

I recognize this is a bit off topic...

I have a Nokia 6080, set up with a Rogers pay-as-you-go plan, about 5 years
old.  I find myself texting more, and am looking for something with a full
keyboard.  I am purposefully avoiding smartphones, as I dislike the
touchscreen typing (that, and their battery life is abysmal in those
devices).  To always carry with me, my needs are uncomplicated (I call,
text, and use the alarm clock function on the current one).

Ideally I would like a slider phone, as it's profile would fit the neoprene
case my current one is in (approx 1.75"x0.75"x4.25").

It would require a SIM card slot, so I can physically take over the

If it was a Rogers/Fido phone previously, or is unlocked, that would be
preferred (I have never unlocked a phone before so am unaware of the steps).

Does anyone have something like this collecting dust?

Joel Maxuel

"One should strive to achieve, not sit in bitter regret."
 - Ronan Harris / Mark Jackson
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