[nSLUG] Looking for Linux wireless configurator

Eugene Cormier eugene.cormier at gmail.com
Tue Dec 31 10:30:23 AST 2013

How about Network Manager? It's super easy to use, that's what I put on
my Dad's machine. I originally had wicd (so that if I need to mess with
stuff over ssh, I had a nice curses interface, but he had some troubles
figuring it out: if you want to connect to passworded wireless, wicd
doesn't ask for the password, but you have to go into the settings and
select wpa1/2 passphrase (out of about 12 other options) and then enter
the password, save and then try reconnecting)

NetworkManager simply asks for the password when you try to connect and
guesses everything else. Dead simple


ps if you're going to use it in a WM/DE you need to autostart nm-applet
as well as remembering to start the NetworkManager service on boot

On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 10:17:41AM -0400, D G Teed wrote:
>    I'm looking for a wireless config on Linux which is a GUI
>    and can work as simply as the ones in other OSes.  I'm not
>    going to be with the laptops.  The users will be 9-14 years
>    old, connecting to a wireless point I have no knowledge of.
>    I'm not teaching them use of iwconfig because to master
>    that for any situation requires a ton of knowledge and
>    often google, which of course won't work until wireless is working.
>    The laptops are Centrino based wireless from 2004.  They are
>    detected by a Debian install, and the non-free driver can be
>    set up.  I've tried wicd from xfce desktop, testing with my
>    home AP and it fails to connect to WPA2 with a hex style
>    password.
>    I'm sure if I spent a few hours poking around with
>    iwconfig and friends I could get it working.
>    That isn't a solution I can extend for the end users and
>    unknown AP scenarios.
>    I want the same solution presented on tablets,
>    smartphones, Mac OS, and Windows XP/7/8.
>    The user should merely pick an available access point
>    and enter the password.  The client program should be
>    able to figure out the other details.  Has anyone heard
>    of such a easy wireless client GUI for Linux?

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