[nSLUG] List of laptops known to support Linux?

Ed Fletcher ed at fletcher.ca
Sun Dec 8 17:31:17 AST 2013

See if the store will let you boot a Knoppix disk.  Then you can see if 
everything is recognized and works before you buy it.  I've only really 
had problems on laptops with the latest and greatest hardware.  Laptops 
seem to use some very esoteric devices that take a while to be supported 
by Linux.  So a slightly older model might work better.  And you may 
also get a better deal on it.


On 08/12/2013 3:15 PM, Vlado Keselj wrote:
> I would be very interested in that too.  My only advice based on
> experience is: stay away from HP.
> Regards,
> Vlado
> On Sun, 8 Dec 2013, Mike Spencer wrote:
>> Does anybody maintain a list of laptop models known to work well with
>> recent versions of Linux?  Or anything resembling that?
>> I can't think of any unique key words to hand to Google, don't want to
>> see everything that's ever been written about "Linux" & "laptop".
>> And I don't want to buy a used laptop that turns out to need hours of
>> searching for video or datacom chipset drivers, possible download of
>> newer distro, hardcore tweaking etc.
>> - Mike

Ed Fletcher

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