[nSLUG] List of laptops known to support Linux?

William Haggerty will at haggerty.co
Sun Dec 8 16:57:40 AST 2013

 From what I have seen, it is more about finding compatible hardware 
than just a finished product.

There were a couple of sites that came up quickly:


The later appears to be user reports of their own experience. From my 
own research there are 2 things to pay attention to: Video Card and 

The best thing you can do is find a laptop that has the hardware you 
really want and then see if there are drivers available for it. I know 
it is convoluted, but this is the best way to my knowledge.

> Mike Spencer <mailto:mspencer at tallships.ca>
> December 8, 2013 at 4:35 PM
> Does anybody maintain a list of laptop models known to work well with
> recent versions of Linux? Or anything resembling that?
> I can't think of any unique key words to hand to Google, don't want to
> see everything that's ever been written about "Linux" & "laptop".
> And I don't want to buy a used laptop that turns out to need hours of
> searching for video or datacom chipset drivers, possible download of
> newer distro, hardcore tweaking etc.
> - Mike
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