[nSLUG] FREE Goods

Jim Haliburton jim at on-site.ns.ca
Sun May 1 18:56:58 ADT 2011

I have a good working older system for free.  This should be regarded as a sandbox or 
test system.

It has an Intel Brand D815ea motherboard
It has a 100 mb integrated NIC
Integrated Intel 815 Graphics.
A paltry 500 MHz celeron processor.
256 mb ram
Good case and power supply.
A 20 gb and a 40Gb Harddisk.  The 40GB drive is not in the case.
Currently has Windows 2000 on it in a 12 GB partition, and it works.

It will easily run Linux as I have had 2 other identical machines running various 
RedHat/Centos flavours.


1)  FREE
3)  First Call to my cell 499-5250  or my home 477-8342 Gets it.
4)  Must be gone by Wed 5 May 2011

Jim Haliburton
477-8342  HOME
499-5250  CELL

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