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Thanks Sheldon, I will.

John A. Bowman 

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    I think that's a great idea. This blog gives a pretty good
    description of the XML file:




    I hope that helps. Let us know when your app is completed. I would
    be interested in using it.




    On 10-09-19 12:35 PM, Doooh Head wrote:
      Hi All,

      I am looking for some information about Ubuntu's desktop
      background.  There is a UI for changing the desktop background but
      there is also a way to make the desktop appear to show an animated
      (set of) image(s) whereby you create an XML file listing all of
      the images that you want to display, duration, etc.  I would like
      some information about this XML file, perhaps a DTD, or some
      description about what is possible in it.  Does anyone know where
      I can find this out?

      I am a programmer and am looking to write a small java app
        that builds these xml files.

      Any help would be appreciated.


        Doooh Head


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