[nSLUG] ncdu - be wary of delete option

D G Teed donald.teed at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 09:29:27 ADT 2010

I had a bad experience with the ncdu tool today.  Normally
I find ncurses programs are minimal and reliable, but not this one,
at least not on Sparc Solaris.

A partition was low on space, so I fired up ncdu to navigate
around.  A file left over from a typo in scp command was
in a directory, in the format user at hostname (because the
':' had been left off the command).  While I was in ncdu,
I highlighted this file, and hit 'd'.  It prompted to confirm
deletion, I said 'y'. ncdu deleted this file and also a neighboring
directory in the sorted listing.

I made up a replica of the files and directory names in an attempt
to reproduce the problem, but it would not.  It must have been dependent
on something else like the sort order and file sizes.

Never use ncdu to delete.

I found a bug report likely related to this:


In demoing the application to someone, it locked up on me as well.
Gotta wonder how stable it is.

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