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Fri Sep 10 16:09:21 ADT 2010

Hello Adam,

  I have seen people using the little 3 or 4 tear wire shelving units for
make-shift racks online.
  You can find these at Crappy Tire (
3 tier shelf )
  Typically they drill out holes in the support columns to bolt the servers
in (lackrack style).
  You can also buy casters which screw into the bottoms of the columns, so
you can then roll/lock these units about.

  I use a 5 tier shelf like this at home (larger/heavier/more capacity) but
its to big to do the drilling idea.
  Instead I stack the servers on the shelves and roll the rack forward to
get at the ports on the back when I need to do anything.
  Also, since these are wire shelves, you can do fun things like attach your
infra equipment under the shelves or off the sides (power bars for cable
drops, LAN cable, switches, screw drivers & wrenches, clip on flash lights,
  If its big enough you can also have a shelf dedicated for your test gear
(monitor, keyboard, and mouse).

  Good luck on your rack adventure. :-)

Adam Douglass-2 wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> It looks like I might be picking up a couple 2U servers and I need to
> figure out where to put them.
> I like the idea of something like the lackrack (lackrack.org, pretty sure
> it was mentioned on this list not terribly long ago); I don't have a lot
> of
> room so dual purpose furniture is a plus; The catch is, we don't have an
> Ikea this side of Quebec.
> I could always build a table to size, but if there was something else
> around that was cheap and could work as a base it would speed things up. 
> Any ideas for furniture that also is rackspace?
> Adam Douglass.
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