[nSLUG] Server update - Hardware, Power Supply

David Potter dlpotter at eastlink.ca
Thu Sep 9 09:31:32 ADT 2010

Jim Haliburton wrote:
> Will answer some questions that were posed.
> The case is a mini tower that unfortunately was in my New Old stock stash.  
> Wish I could get some more but not available.  So it is a normal tower layout 
> and a generic PC Power Supply.  I will not buy a case if it uses a proprietary 
> power supply.  So this policy puts the mini-ITX cases out of the question.
I don't often think very much about hardware, since I lay my 386SX to a
well earned rest, hardware has not really been an issue for me (my
pristine copy of Upgrading and Repairing PC's is the 12th edition , 2000).

An interest in editing video has lead me to consider a Quad Core machine
and my interest is casual enough at this point that I didn't think I
wanted to invest in the rock solid hardware I would normally source. I
was considering a bare-bones Acer box based in part on my good
experience with an Acer Laptop.

The comment about generic power supply interests me... is this related
to the size of the case, is it a mainboard connector issue - both, or
something else?

I actually thought that if my video project expands I would replace the
power supply. The dudes I've talked to that do in house service for the
chain stores don't inspire much confidence with their answers. They're
like mechanics who only replace parts (not knowing how to fix things... ;-)


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