[nSLUG] Built new server

Paul B wes902 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 12:32:41 ADT 2010

Recently built a NAS with some of the same goals but used a full blown
G31 chipset motherboard and a E2180. The aim of the box was to provide
storage and enough power to do on the fly transcoding of video content
to a DNLA device. After working with it for a while and lots of fine
tuning to the transcoder there were some issues issues that were
unresolvable. In the end I switched the head playing device to an Acer
Revo with Ubuntu which uses an Atom 330 and Nvidia ION platform. The
device can easily handle 1080p h264 decoding on the fly via VDPAU

The D510MO setup is really neat but there's a big issue for me. No
PCI-E lanes. I use a SuperMicro JOBD controller AOC-SASLP-MV8 and
would like to move forward with the card. The card has been very
stable with great features and uses two break out cables to provide up
to 8 SATA2 connections.

One other problem you might have is if you try hardware acceleration
the Atom D510 has no support for VT flags so you will have to do
software virtualization if you aim to use that board.

On Wed, Sep 8, 2010 at 10:06 AM, Jim Haliburton <jim at on-site.ns.ca> wrote:
> Intel has upgraded the board to the D510MO board.  It has a large heatsink and
> 2 memory slots to allow up to 4 Gb of RAM.  There is NO fan on the motherboard
> and none is required.  A downside is there are only 2 SATA ports and there is
> no PATA port which the older board had.

> The amazing thing about this board is the dual core hyperthreaded CPU is seen
> as a 4 core unit by Linux.  The BogoMips report in dmesg shows over 13,300
> which I thought was pretty amazing.
> How does this compare to other servers that users have?
> As I intend to bump this motherboard to 4 Gb of RAM in the future, I setup 6 Gb
> of swap.  Top shows that swap has never been used after 16 hours of up time.  I
> expect this to change as web content increases and e-mail starts to flow.
> Generally it was a successful build.  It was low cost.  ( less than $250.00
> with all new components )  It is low power consuming.  It is fast.
> In the future I will likely try virtualization and terrabyte drives.
> In the future I will remove the DVD and put a 2nd 500Gb drive to allow
> mirroring.

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